On Sand & Stone, Thoughtftul Design & Creative Business Support for Conscious Brands

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On Sand & Stone delivers beautiful designs, honest branding, and valuable online business support with integrity and ethics.


I´m Niamh and if you need a new website that reflects your values, a visual identity that´s true to you, or ethical business support, I can help.

I work with thoughtful business owners who want to get their work noticed without using pushy and uncomfortable marketing tactics.

"Working with Niamh was truly joyful. She has an incredible eye for design and aesthetics and really dedicated time and care to creating visuals that honestly and authentically reflect me and my business. She was highly professional throughout the process, and her workflow was seamless. I would highly recommend Niamh as a conscientious professional, and as an all-round lovely person".

Leigh Brady - Human Rights Advisor, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

"Niamh is an absolute pleasure to work with as not only does she has a talent for really listening and understanding what you need but can implement it with skill and taste.  She was able to help me streamline my client management workflow and get clear on my business goals in a way that's aligned to my ethical approach to coaching"

Vanessa Bruni - Life Coach

It means considering the impact of your marketing and business practices on customers and the world in general. It is selling to those who really do know they want your services, and doing so in an honest way.

 It means striving to show up in the world as a genuine person, without selling false hopes. It is creating meaningful connections, and providing value to others through quality content, both free and paid, and it means minimising the potential negative impact of your practices and products on the environment.

In short, a thoughtful entrepreneur wants to add to the online business world with positive, conscious values, and make this often noisy, hustle-driven place an all-round better one.

What Do I mean By Conscious/Ethical/thoughtful?