I want to help business owners with an alternative vision to the busy hustle-driven world of today´s internet, and who want to share their gifts in a genuine way.

 With customised design, a beautiful website, striking visual identity, and creative business support (across multiple skills sets) I can help your business stand out with integrity.

On Sand & Stone values creativity, thoughtfulness, compassion, and integrity. 


(pronounced Neve), the woman behind On Sand & Stone. I´m an Irish born introvert based in Spain, with a curious spirit, questioning mind, and love for learning.

Before starting On Sand & Stone, I worked in education, translation & proof-reading. Throughout the years I´ve dived into many creative projects involving music, photography, and design.

Running an ethical business is important to me because I care about people and the world, and I believe business owners can offer their services with a positive, ethical impact.

Hi, I´m Niamh

ethical marketing
business & well-being
conscious business
non-hustle approach
slow marketing
real connection

I talk about..

website design
brand design
content creation
social media

client management systems
Landing Pages
video & photography editing
tech support & automation

I can help with...

 I support marketing practices that promote honest connection, quality content, and 
 avoid manipulative practices which aim to sell based on an individual´s fears, anxieties,  or insecurities. I´ve taken part in  a series of pledges to  build a fairer more sustainable online business world. Click on the icon to find out more.

How I Run An Ethical Business

I became mainly vegan in 2020 for environmental and animal cruelty reasons (but I´ll eat the odd free-range egg). 

In my 20s I became fascinated with South American culture, which led me to living in Colombia for 9 years.

Though I´m from Dublin originally, I live in a small, beautiful city in Andalusia, Spain.

I speak Spanish fluently but I´ll probably never lose my Irish accent.

Some Random Facts About Me....