If you´d like to take a step forward and talk to me in person, then fill out the form below and we can talk through your needs. You can also read the FAQ section to get a better idea of how I work.

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I´m based in Andalucia, Spain, but I work with international clients. My working hours are 9 a.m to 6 p.m Monday to Thursday CET, and I reserve Fridays to work on my own business.

What are your office hours?

I work with industry standard software and enjoy discovering new apps and ways to work, so my preferred apps are continually updated. If there´s a program you specifically want to work with, we can explore it.

What programs do you work with?

I primarily work with Asana as a project manager. It is simple, visual, and makes everything so easy for clients. We can assign tasks, work through them methodically, and send messages all through this one platform. I´ll send an introductory video explaining how to use it (very straightforward), and there is a free version 

How do you communicate?

If this is your first time hiring a designer or contracting business support, it might seem overwhelming. But don´t worry, everything will be clarified in a discovery call and part of my job is to make sure the process and workflow is enjoyable and easy. I provide introductory videos where necessary, and use Asana as a project tool, which works wonderfully.

What if I’ve never hired a VA before?

We´ll begin with a discovery call (you can book here), to pinpoint the right package for you. Once we feel it´s a good fit and decide to go ahead, you´ll get a welcome email with all the necessary useful information. After that, you´ll receive a contract to sign and the initial invoice. Then the fun begins as I get you set up with an Asana project!

What is your process like?

My creative business support includes assistance with admin systems, tech, and automation, but also includes valuable creative skills too. What exactly these creative skills are depends on your needs, but might include designing assets, photography, podcast, content creation or video editing. 

What is creative business support?